Sunday, January 4, 2015

How to Repair MagSafe Power Adapter broken cable | Video Guide

Suddenly I wasn´t able to charge my MacBookAir anymore, which was quite annoying. After taking a look at the MagSage Power Adapter, I instantly made out the culprit. The cable was broken right at the point where it exits the power adapter, so I couldn´t fix it without opening the adapter itself.
I postponed the broken cable for some days and finally tried to contact apple about this but had no guarantee, AppleCare plan or whatsoever. I really think it´s a “unlucky” coincidence that the cable breaks exactly at the most inconvenient spot of the adapter…. As I didn´t want to spend 79€ on a new MagSafe power supply, I openend the case and soldered the two cables back together. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be, just the opening of the hardcase took me some effort.
Be aware, if you try to do this like I did, you might need to buy a new adapter, but as it´s broken anyway, why not give it a shot. All you need is some shrink tube and veeeery basic or even no soldering skills. But don´t solder while the cables plugged in ;-)

Magsafe Power Adapter 60W

How to Repair 60W L-Style Magsafe Power Cord

DIY repair of an Apple L-Style 60w MagSafe Power Cord. The one in the video is attached to a 60W charger for a MacBook Pro 13″. The mag head came loose from the cord, and after the “Genius” at the Apple Store ripped them apart to demonstrate the problem, I went from a power cord that worked some-of-the-time, to a power cord in two pieces that would definitely not work. With the warranty expired, I decided to fix the unit myself.

Magsafe Power Adapter 60W